The Airport Conference Center in Schkeuditz at the airport Leipzig / Halle - meeting rooms for multiple simultaneous events

Are you planning several events to take place at the same time? And, of course, at the same place?
At the Globana Airport Conference Center near Leipzig, you can combine six functional rooms as you need  and accommodate up to 900 customers and guests.

Functional rooms with separate entrances allow to simultaneously carry out several events  at the airport Leipzig / Halle.
The spatial concept of the Airport Conference Center impresses with its flexibility and is ideal for holding events  like a conference, exhibition, seminar or smaller sales fairs. In addition, ground level entrances  allow presentations of cars.
The functional rooms can be quickly prepared according to your individual wishes thanks to the use of a modern  stand construction system.


Total usable floor space 1,500 sqm
Capacity 25 – 900 persons

modern conference and communication equipment
natural light and shading system
textile floor
level ground
flexible partition walls
broadband internet / W-Lan





Sitzordnung Reihe Sitzordnung Parlament Sitzordnung Bankett Sitzordnung Empfang Sitzordnung U- Form
New York    3 m         432 sqm         250          150          160          250          80
Tokyo    3 m         397 sqm         120            150          200  
Paris    3 m         194 sqm         150          100           90          150          60
Sydney    3 m         219 sqm              120          150  
London    3 m         162 sqm          80           50           80          120          40
Milan    3 m           95 sqm          60           40           25           30          30
Total         1,500 sqm          

Basic data of forum
Total area 1,517 sqm
Capacity  25 – 900 persons
Room height 3 m
Flooring textile floor

natural light
audio visual equipment

Remark level ground
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