Gala hall / event hall at the Globana Airport Fair & Conference Center for extraordinary meetings and events

The Gala hall / event hall with its three galleries is the magnificent centerpiece of the Globana Airport Fair & Conference Center at the airport Leipzig/ Halle.
It provides a perfect setting for unique, extraordinary meetings and events, such as presentations or exclusive gala evenings in Leipzig- Halle- Schkeuditz.
The exclusive architecture of the gala and event hall as well as single details of its design, such as a marble floor, a sculpture of light and an integrated stage create a top class ambiance.
Covering a total area of 2,100 m², the gala hall / event hall offers you countless ways to make your dreams of unique and unforgettable events come true.
Feel the spirit! Let yourself be enchanted by the ambiance of the gala and event hall of the Globana Airport Exhibition and ConferenceCenter. 
Total usable floor space  2,100 sqm
Capacities 100 – 1,000 persons

marble floor
fixed stage
three superimposed galleries
power connections
glass dome in a height of 20 meters


Gala hall


Sitzordnung Reihe Sitzordnung Bankett Sitzordnung Empfang
Gala hall 20 m 1,200 sqm    600    600    900
3 galleries each 3 m each 300 sqm      210    350
Total   2,100 sqm      

Basic data of gala hall
Total area 1,200 qm
Capacity  100 bis 900 persons
Room height  20 m
Flooring marble floor
Features fixed stage
power connection

acoustic sail
glass dome in a height of 20 meters
glass figurine, 15 m height, illuminable

Basic data of galleries
Total ares each gallery 300 qm
Capacity each gallery up to 120 persons
Room height  3 m
Flooring textile floor

three galleries
access via lift and stairs

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